Welcome to Karmakami Handworks !

Welcome on our website! 

Here you find the oppertunity to sence the atmosphere from our collection. For order we still ask you to send an email till this website is fully updatet.
Now the new email Catalogue from our collections Caststone statues and Naturalstone: Stone Art Specials collection 2020 is ready. If you are interested, please email to info@karmakami.com or register yourself in the contactform on this website... 





A short explanation of our Business name,...

Karmakami is made out of two words:  KARMA- and KAMI.
KARMA stands for the Hindu term for your "Life's Programme", in short; that what you experience in your life. Easy and tuff, all contrasts what forms your life.
Everything you do, with all the choices you make, it will be filled into your KARMA. Your own Life book, a kind of bleuprint for your Soul. 
Your Karma in this Life is also important for your next one, your new Incarnation. Just as your last Life-Karma is important for your present Life is.  

KAMI is the Indonesian word that stands for; Us

Our company name means actually translated; Our Karma

Not only our company-name has a deeper meaning, also the collection we sell. The whole traject from our sources in Indonesia till the arrival from the products at our warehouse we try to do this as pure as possible. Where we can we offer as much as possible information about the origin and meaning. Herewith we provide a direct added value to our collection !

May we introduce ourselves ...

We are Ni Made Sariani en Michel Hilgers, founders of Karmakami Handworks V.O.F. 

Made; I was born in Denpasar, on the island Bali in Indonesia and grew up with the Hindu religion of Bali. For our import for Karmakami I do luckely still visit Bali where I can combine business and private. Our Balinese showgarden in Gaanderen even gives me the home feeling in Holland.

Klik hier voor onze balinese showtuin

Michel; I'am born and raised in this region in the province of Gelderland but during one of many trips to Indonesia I met Made. Now I come over 35 years in this beuatiful country within 24 years for Karmakami.
I'am happy to speak Indonesian for do more effective Business and to understand the people better.

Explanation of our logo

Explanation of our logo,.......
We looked after a suitable logo to the name Karmakami and the philosophy of Karma. We found a Basis-Chakra existing 4 parts.     
The part Left-top    = Formaly Incarnations
The part Right-top = Already filled in Karma
The part Left-bottom = Current Incarnation
The part Right-bottom = Still to fill in Karma

Source logo; Mrs. J. Sinia - Alfrink